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So many people in recent times have seen themselves going over and over to the hospital, dosing themselves with a lot of antibiotics but yet still having no solution to the vagina itching or even waste pain. They have come to the level of believing that they can only manage it but not heal it completely. But I bring to you this good news today, having this in mind that as the Bible has said in Genesis 1 v 29 during creation I quote New Living Translation
Then God said, “Look! I have given you every seed-bearing plant throughout the earth and all the fruit trees for your food.

Take note that God said, I have given you.This means that if our creator gives us this command then there should be some longivity virtues in those herbs,and thereafter comes this research.However, this is not a profesionally proven fact but one thing is sure that greens repairs and if take it with faith then be sure that it is going to be healing to our well beign

please listen to the above video to find out the secret ingredients to the solution of this problems.happy viewing and be sure to have more of these here in ebuglo.

In other to have faith in Jesus please make this prayers with me…Lord Jesus,I confess that you are my Lord and Personal saviour .Come into my Life and take control of my heart I belive that you died for me and I confess you as my Lord and personal savoiur .In Jesus Name Amen.Congratulations I look forward to you testimony.

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