The best doctors are those who have a solid understanding of how the human body, nutrition, environment, and activity, and how God created it all to operate together. 

Naturopathy or naturopathic medicine according to Wikipedia, is a wide variety of pseudoscientific approaches that are described as “natural,” “non-invasive,” or encouraging “self-healing.”

Its practitioners, known as naturopaths, use a wide range of pseudoscientific techniques marketed as “natural,” “non-invasive,” or encouraging “self-healing.

Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies, which benefit from ill health rather than from good health and prevention, subsidize medical practices and medical institutions today. 

Thank God for lifesaving medications, yet usually unhealthy habits, foods, chemical exposure, and environment lead to the necessity for this prescribed medication that frequently has detrimental effects both known and unknown.

The foundation of good health is healthy eating, quality sleep, and regular exercise, and you will stay healthy

Nearly everyone is responsible for being a poor steward of our health in at least one of those areas (diet, rest, or activity). 

Fortunately, God created the body with an incredible capacity for self-healing,  if we let it take care of itself with those three things. 

So, with the right healthy behaviors, many of the effects of unhealthy living can be reversed.

There are also some really powerful natural treatments for a variety of problems that you might not obtain from your doctor and definitely not from the pharmaceutical industry since they cannot be trademarked and made profitable. 

Hence, in this blog, we promise to bring here alternative ways and home remedies to remain healthy,

stay tuned with us and don’t forget to share and help someone.

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